‘Cup of Life’ experiment

Today I embarked on another experiment involving my previously dabbled in technique of ‘timber-mache’.


I touched on this idea in an earlier post, but it is essentially the theory that you can make the waste that your product produces, or indeed the product itself, into something that will be beneficial at the end of its life.

I took this idea and applied it to my timber-mache technique. The timber-mache pieces are theoretically fully biodegradable and so would make excellent beneficial waste products.

‘Cup of Life’

I had already made a bowl and so this time around I decided to go for a simple cup.


Cling film all the way!

I decide to call this experimental piece the ‘Cup of Life’ seeing as how this cup will (hopefully!) create new plant life when it is thrown away. To achieve this, I intended to embed plant seeds into it by wrapping them into the layers of the cup during the making stage.


   I got to work covering the former in hazel strips. Just as before I used protein glue.



I was soon at the ‘seeding’ stage!


‘Pantene Pro-Bee’ (not to be used on hair)

Given the plight of our bumble bee population, I thought it would be nice to do something helpful for these furry little guys, so I used a special ‘Bumblebee Mix’ of seeds to embed within my cup. These seeds will hopefully germinate into flowers that bumble bees love!

ImageAs you can see, the seeds were very small and so would not make a noticeable addition in between the layers of the cup.


Sticky cup

I stuck the seeds onto the base and sides of the cup, the wet glue holding them in place while I covered them with more hazel shavings.


Yeah… aesthetics will come in time.

Once I’d satisfied myself that I’d sufficiently coved the seeds in additional layers, I took the cup outside to dry in the sun. After a good few hours, I decided it was set enough and removed the former. I was left with a pretty decent little cup!




Pre trimmin’

Next I got a pair of scissors and got trimming!



And so it was finished!


Doesn’t look too bad I suppose




Nice bunch of ferns

So there we are…

I’m pleased with the way this experiment turned out. Just as before I managed to make a good fairly strong object from locally sourced and renewable hazel held together with biodegradable glue. This time however, I was able to improve on my design and add the seeds into the mix so that when the cup is disposed of, it will hopefully be able to plant flowers that will help the environment and not to mention the bumble bees!

Until next time, goodbye. 😉    


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